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The magnificent world of science

Science and technology are two words that are possibly the most common words we get to hear these days. Scientific innovation, scientific development, technological advancement are just a few examples of our daily encounters with these terms. Of course, there is a reason behind this too. Science and technology have taken mankind from being a […]

The Ecosystem Concept

An ecosystem is best defined through an entire set ofrelationships that form between living resources, as well as the residents of a certain location and their particular habits. The natural ecosystem refers to the conglomerate that is comprised of animals and plants, birds and fish, their natural habitats, as well as their feeding habits and […]

Are Earth Resources in danger?

There are many things that have changed in the last ten years. People have started to adopt different kind of lifestyles. Their preferences and likes have been changed as well. Many people, nowadays, don’t prefer to spend their times in time taking activities in fact; they prefer to complete things in a jiffy. There were […]

Effect of Modern Scientific Era on Our Society

The modern scientific era has been one of science and technology. Technology has improved in leaps and bounds, changing our society in the way we do things, the way we manage our lives and homes and how we plan for the future. When it comes to the modern technology we know today, it has made […]

Three Popular College Clubs You Can Join

Most students upon entering college are aiming to make the most out of college life. If in high school people almost know everyone since they just live in the same community, in college it is very different, people hardly know anyone. That is the reason why college students are looking for groups they could blend […]

How to Create a Club in College

Most colleges have strict guidelines that need to be followed when creating a club or organization. These guidelines are easily accessible from the college should you have something you are passionate about and believe there are other students who will want to join the club. Your club may be for single mothers struggling with college […]