Effects of Internet on our new Generation and Society

The Internet is one of man’s greatest inventions. It is an excellent communications medium that has made all people around the world much closer and more interconnected. While many people praise the Internet for its many benefits to mankind, some argue about the Internet’s negative consequences to society. Regardless, the Internet has caused so many effects on our new generation and to society.

What started as a military initiative and subsequently a university undertaking in the 1960s to connect together computers from remote places for defence and research purposes has become a global phenomenon called the Internet. The Internet is basically an interconnection of networks from virtually all places in the world.

In the old days, sending traditional “snail mail”, photos, or postcards took days or even months before it reached the recipient. Now, an email or electronic mail with all sorts of attachments (photos, files, movies, and music) takes seconds to send a message over the Internet. Sending messages is now cheaper, faster, and more convenient.

Research normally took several days and required the use of encyclopaedias which were usually found in school libraries. Now, you can finish research work in a couple of hours by just using Google to find the needed information on the Internet. The Internet has made the whole world into a single enormous library.

No more loads on your cellphone? No problem! There are websites on the Internet that let you send free texts and make free calls to mobile phones. Instead of going to far-away places just to attend meetings, you can now make a video-call conference with multiple persons. This saves a lot of money for transportation, accommodation, and food.

The Internet has opened opportunities for work and businesses. A lot of people practice their profession by providing services to their clients on the Internet. E-Commerce companies have sprouted on the Internet. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, not only let you make new friends but also provide you with a platform to make money. However, like the traditional business, you have to work hard to make your business prosper. You can’t just buy Instagram follower. You can now buy anything, do your bank transactions, and pay your bills on the Internet.

Some people find negativity in the Internet technology. They argue that the Internet has made the younger generation lazier and more passive. The youth of today has become a sort of “anti-social” by preferring to stay in front of the computer instead of going out with other kids. Furthermore, the Internet has also made obsolete some businesses, such as the “snail mail” industry. Objections to the Internet have been more on the behavioral and psychological aspects of the younger generation.

The benefits of the Internet to society have clearly outweighed the negative effects since it is continued to be used by people worldwide. One word can probably best describe the Internet – convenience. The Internet has provided us with the convenience of making purchases, finding information, and connecting with other people.