How to Create a Club in College

Most colleges have strict guidelines that need to be followed when creating a club or organization. These guidelines are easily accessible from the college should you have something you are passionate about and believe there are other students who will want to join the club.

Your club may be for single mothers struggling with college life or about drug treatments for those who have been through a tough time, but you will need to have your club approved before moving forward.

So where do you start? Start by doing more research on the rules of the college you are attending, most colleges have similar or the same rules when creating a club. These are the basic rules followed by most of the colleges in the US.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the campus regulations and then you will need to get four students together who want to start the club, two will be presidents and one will need to be a secretary. A president and secretary cannot be the same person.

The president’s position is to complete all the campus application forms for the club, he or she is to preside at all the meetings, reserve the rooms for meetings and co-ordinate any programs. The secretary is responsible for recording any meetings and submitting the agenda to the campus if required.

Often a club will have a helpdesk available for prospective members to discover more about the club and decide if they wish to join.


Once your new club has been approved by the campus, it’s time to start recruiting members; this can be done in a number of ways from handing out flyers to placing adverts on bulletin boards.

Before you start recruiting you must have meetings days and times already organized along with a room booked through the campus, which the president will be responsible for.

Prospective members should have somewhere they can contact or go to discuss the club and determine if they are interested in joining; often getting permission to have an information table set up in a central location on campus is a good way to start. Have the table manned during busy periods with flyers and information on the club, for example dogs 101 pamphlets if your club is for the dog lovers on campus.

Often clubs on campus will need to arrange fundraising events to pay for some of their activities and events. This can also be arranged through advertising, determine if the campus allows social media advertising, online is the best way to target your fellow students.

Think of your club as the best wrinkle creams, once your members start joining and you begin to grow the wrinkles start fading and you become a successful group all interested in one common interest.

It doesn’t matter what type of college you attend, whether it’s dental hygiene schools or IT schools, there are always people attending with common interests and goals, from book clubs to single parenting problems. Bear in mind that most campuses require that you renew the club annually, so the presidents will need to keep a firm finger on this pulse to ensure you aren’t shut down after your first year.