Popular Scientific Conventions in the USA

Every year, scientists, mathematicians, scholars, medical experts, and similar other individuals gather together in several key American cities to discuss the current trends, practices, innovations, discoveries, and propositions concerning their respective scientific fields. Cities become their office space, and it is in such virtual office that some of the best and brightest scientific minds in America tackle the most pressing issues that will make or break the world of science.

America and humanity owe so much to these men and women of science for their hardwork and dedication in uplifting the quality of human life, the same way a Carlsbad therapist makes clients feel better, or how HCG drops make women lead healthier lives. It’s hard to imagine living in a world without these dedicated people. It’s like going on a surfing trip to Miami Beach without any surf clothing in your bag, or camping in one of America’s national parks with nothing to warm your body during the night but some pre owned, flimsy Mexican blankets.

A world without scientists just won’t work.

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And if you’re wondering what are these scientific conventions being held annually across America by different scientific organizations, take a look at this short list:

USA Science & Engineering Festival. Touted by many as the nation’s largest celebration of science and engineering, this rare gathering of prominent scientists is scheduled on April 27-28, 2012 in Washington, DC, and is to be hosted by world renowned company, Lockheed Martin. The event aims to encourage the next generation of engineers, scientists, and technologists to hone their craft (and probably not to just dream of spending their time burning too much money in a hotel in Italia) as well as to promote public awareness of the importance of science and math education in the struggle to promote key advancements that will make human life better.
24th Annual Association for Psychological Science Convention. The event will be held in Chicago, Illinois on May 24-27, 2012 with University of Michigan’s James Jackson as Keynote Speaker. Also slated to deliver lectures are some 50-plus field experts who will tackle various issues and topics concerning psychological studies and researches.
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Held this year on March 7-11 in The Woodlands, Texas, the conference brought together some of the world’s finest experts in the field of geophysics, astronomy, petrology, and related disciplines to discuss trailblazing discoveries in planetary science.

So if you happen to be near these places, go and visit. Take your family with you. It would be a fine opportunity to open your child’s mind to wonderful world of science and technology, and make them realize the science behind life’s secrets, from the simplest to the most complex.

Hopefully, your child will be encouraged to be an inventor or a scientist someday who will make some cool advancements, like finding the best materials to make San Diego flooring sturdier, or introducing cool scientific principles to make home remodeling tasks a bit less complex.