Scientific Breakthroughs in 2011

You do not honestly have to possess masters in education in order to accurately acknowledge the utter importance of all the scientific breakthroughs humankind has witnessed during thousands of years of existence. Chemistry, biology, computer engineering, mathematics, all of these are essential fields of science that have met with some absolutely amazing breakthroughs and inventions that have irrefutably changed our lives.

This is a mini-guide to some of the best 2011 scientific breakthroughs should stick to your head just like witty promotional t shirts tend to remain in the memory of the people who see them in the street. The moment you learn to appreciate science and all of its extraordinary people, you’re going to see a whole bunch of LED Christmas Lights twinkling in front of your eyes and know you have won.

First of all, just like the effect of keratin hair treatment only lasts for a couple of months, the so-called faster-than-light neutrinos the scientists at CERN seemed to have going only lasted for so long. Recent proof show that the neutrinos were not actually moving faster than light, but they were rather appearing to do so because of the relativistic clock motion that was monitoring their speed. Nevertheless, just like using free microsoft points codes can help you eventually pay lower taxes, something good has the potential of emerging out of this not very successful 2011 scientific breakthrough in the near future.

The field of ultrathin electronics has recently announced the creation of epidermal canapé lit electronics or electronic tattoos which can be applied to the skin just like a SEO Agency glues keywords or meta-tags to clients’ content to make it stronger. These tattoos will eventually enable us to wear our iPhones and other smart computers directly on our wrists for up to 24 hours at a time, without anyone knowing about the devices we are carrying around with us, just like wearing fake coquettes as hair extensions.

The field of medicine has also gained a wonderful asset this year; the mashup of 3-D printing and segmented reality scientists at the Scripps Research Institute are now able to test drug molecules while holding their biological structures in their hands and modeling them to create the best results. Just like penny auctions enable us to bid one penny at a time and buy items, scientists can now model one molecule at a time and create the most efficient HIV drugs, for instance.

All in all, this year’s inventions come to show us that the human mind and smart computers can definitely create unlimited breakthroughs, just like registered mypadmedia members get to download unlimited free novels or comics. Scientists have a way of managing their theories and ideas just like the experts at property management agents york handle all types of properties.